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Embark on a Journey to Skill-Building for the Modern Workforce

Welcome to Proverbs University

Who We Are

Proverbs University is changing the way people lead, study, and work. We offer professional certifications in areas that help develop professionals to lead people, projects, and processes:


Our blended approach to education provides you with the technical skills, soft skills, and life skills you need to excel in your career. It’s the perfect way to become a leader in your field without spending years in school. Invest in yourself today and see where Proverbs University can take you tomorrow!


Our Students

Whether you are looking for a head start on your career or a way to stand out from the competition, Proverbs University will guide you on your pathway to success. Our curriculum is designed to engage and challenge. As a student, you will receive first-hand advice and guidance from faculty who are also top leaders in their field, giving you a distinct advantage as you start or move forward your career. 


Our Faculty

Our faculty members are some of the most qualified in their field. We carefully select faculty based on their ability to demonstrate passion and dedication in helping you succeed. They not only have subject matter expertise but are also committed to social responsibility and making a positive impact in the world.  We are confident that our prestigious faculty will provide the thought leadership and support you need to complete your program and become certified in your chosen field. 


Our Partners

You've heard it said that "it takes a village..." 


We not only believe in that age-old truth, but we pride ourselves on partnering with businesses that share our commitment to your academic excellence. Our Corporate Partners understand the importance of investing in future generations, and we are honored to work with them to ensure your success.

Student Success Stories

heasdshot for carlos (002).JPG

“The High Impact Leadership course was excellent in that I was able to learn new tools to hone my skills for becoming a more effective leader.  The instructional platform offered a safe space for learning with a group of engaging individuals, and the application of real-world examples and accompanying discussions were extremely helpful. The course instructor was exceptional and her relational approach resonated with me a great deal.”  

Melissa Rinehart, PhD, CP-HIL™

City Council Woman D-2 

City of Fort Wayne


Did You Know...

...Certified professionals earn 20% more than their non-certified counterparts and are 75% more likely to be promoted. Employers are seeking talent with specific skills in this ever-changing global workforce. A professional certification can help you stand out from the competition, close skills gaps, and show your commitment to life-long learning. Whether you're looking to improve your skills or take your career to the next level, professional certification is a great option to consider.

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