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Our Story

Proverbs University is far from a start up. We’ve spent the last 18+ following learning and development trends, mastering performance management principles, and building rigorous curriculum and consultative best practices that could stand the test of time. The inspiration behind Proverbs University was born from the love for learning and the desire to elevate working professionals to become expert practitioners. We’ve created a hybrid approach to educating and equipping our students with the relevant technical skills, soft skills, and life skills necessary to navigate and excel in their respective careers. At Proverbs University, learning is more than just a means to an end; it's a lifelong pursuit of excellence.


    Our Founder

    Dr. Kristal Walker, the founder and chief learning officer of Proverbs University, is a first-generation college graduate with a passion for learning and leveling up. She has achieved many accomplishments throughout her academic and professional career, including obtaining a doctorate degree in organizational leadership, a master’s degree in management and organizational, a bachelor’s degree in human services, and a host of professional certifications. Her background and experiences have made her an exceptional leader and strategists in the corporate training, DEI, and HR industries. Designed with the adult learner in mind, Dr. Walker knows first hand the talent it takes to juggle multiple priorities while leading with integrity and expertise. Her dedication and commitment to the success of existing and emerging students and corporate partners are evident in every aspect of the University.

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